I’m not one for sharing personal information on social media sites.  However, in the earlier part of this year I did.  I openly admitted that I suffer from depression and anxiety.  A few close friends knew but not all and definitely not family.  I felt an instant weight off my shoulder.  I no longer had to hide it.

This blog is going to be part of my healing process.  I will be sharing some personal back ground information, that people may be able to relate to or not.  Plus how I’m coping, or trying to deal with things.  While I was in school I wrote a few papers on depression and anxiety and will share them as well.

This isn’t just for my own healing or for people suffering from depression and anxiety but also for those wanting to learn and understand what it’s like to suffer from it.  Feel free to share your own experiences or ask questions.  In fact I hope you will.


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